Stories, Pictures, Poems and Songs: My Mind's Life

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ISBN: 978-0-8059-9676-0
Stories, Pictures, Poems and Songs: My Mind's Life
by Joe Eddie Naiser One mans inspirational story recounts how determination and clear goals can help one achieve ones dreams. Joe Eddie Naiser himself grew up in a small Texas town but achieved a successful career that allowed him to travel worldwide, experiences he shares in this memoir. He tells us how his family struggled to eke out a living, eating what they grew, on a south Texas cotton farm in the 1930s. He describes how his parents, with third-grade educations, taught him success principles. He relates how he and his wife struggled to raise six children and experienced major illnesses and death, as well as love. You will be inspired as Naiser uses his parents teachings and a high school education to work his way up through six promotions in a highly technical industry, a chemical plant in Seadrift, Texas, where he is selected as a training manager and travels to eighteen countries. Upon his return to Texas, despite his lack of education, he becomes senior production engineer. Stories, Pictures, Poems, and Songs is about the success of Joe Eddie Naiserand about the success we can all achieve. (2005, paperback, 164 pages) Availability: Ships within 23 business days.