Straight from the Pen

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Straight from the Pen

Straight from the Pen

By: Kurtis B. Newill

About the Book



I’m a cunning linguist

The wrong ones are so well distinguished

The whole block is ready to start cocking

instead of pop locking and steady rocking

Slow cooking down at central booking

Even got freedom fighters looking the other way

Know the time seeks improvement

The street reeks of need for a movement

Shed light on hopeless situations

Unify all nations and tribes

Get together and spread good vibes

Every breath may be the last

Make a move and make it fast

Just look and see freedom is not free

When was it

Unity now and love does it

Desperation and degradation

to admiration in a nation on the verge of collapse

Perhaps it starts with you


(2018, Paperback, 100 pages)

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