Strange Stories from the 7th Hall

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Strange Stories from the 7th Hall
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Strange Stories from the 7th Hall
by Richard Engen

Strange Stories from the 7th Hall is a collection of short stories taken from the authors five previous works composed of narrative poetry, prose, and art with drawings, writings, maps, and diagrams. This innovative blend of historical fiction and creative non-fiction takes us on a journey through time and space to the visionary extremes of ancient Chinese metaphysical diagrams of the I Jing (Book of Changes), the Former Heaven He Tu (Yellow River Drawings), and Latter Heaven Lo Shu (Lo River Writings), and the authors own Geometric Lao Zi, creating a comprehensive harmony and a birds-eye-view of the destiny of earth and our solar system.

About the Author

Richard Engen holds a Chinese language and literature Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Minnesota. He attended Taiwan Normal University, Graduate Institute of Chinese Language, Literature, and Philosophy, where his research emphasis was in Daoist studies, Tang Poetry, and Sung Dynasty metaphysics. In addition, he spent three years in Asia while serving in the U. S. Air Force including Vietnam, Taiwan, and Korea, after which he backpacked through Europe for six months in 1971. This background in Chinese studies together, with his extensive travel adventures and mystic encounters, inspired him to write books concerned with Daoist mysticism, prophecy, and philosophy of a Chinese metaphysical nature. Richard and his family live in the Los Angeles, California, vicinity.

(2012, hardcover, 160 pages)