Stream of My Reality

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Stream of My Reality
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Stream of My Reality
by Wendiann Alfieri

Ever wonder what goes on inside someones head? Ever wonder where they were at the time when this came to their heads? No? Well, here is a book for you to find out exactly those things humans think that no one really wants to know. The deepest, darkest corners of personality are now unleashed to the world. Written over the course of a year spent in the hospital, Wendiann Alfieri truly captures what its like to be trapped within your own mind, and to release it in the most captivating of ways. Welcome to Stream of My Reality.

About the Author:

Wendiann Alfieri is a weird writer. She has been a weird writer for years. She doesnt think there is any other way to describe herself. Her favorite color is purple and her favorite animal is the turtle. If she were to do anything at all in the world, she would make everyone and everything equal to each other so that everyone would treat others with respect.

Alfieri wanted to publish this book in order to inspire others and help them realize others go through tough times too and there is a way and hope for everyone to get through their own personal struggle. She herself has been through a lot, but going into that would be taking the attention off the content, and even though she would like everything to be equal, part of her is selfish and wants you to read her book.

(2017, Paperback, 44 pages)