Streams of Poetic Proverbs

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Streams of Poetic Proverbs

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Streams of Poetic Proverbs
by Revel Martin

Streams of Poetic Proverbs is a combination of creativity, fiction, commentary, and the contemporary yet truthfulness. These poems are personal to me because I see myself in them and share my experiences through them.

Its the empathy I felt with lifes unfairness, an unsuccessful marriage, abuse, spiritual torture, and being lonely and alone that I asked the Lord what I must do. I prayed and asked for a talent, and it became a reality through this book.

Some of these poems originated in a slightly different form in Trinidad and Tobago.

About the Author

My name is Revel Martin, and I am married to my second wife. I am forty years of age. I have three children. I enjoy table tennis, cricket, and stargazing. I am a professional security officer by trade. In 2002, I began writing, but, with lifes discouragement, I was forced to abandon my passion and dream. In 2011, I again received inspiration and pursued my dream.

It is with my greatest pleasure that I present this book to you. I hope you enjoy this book!

Thank you!

(2012, hardcover, 60 pages)