Streets of Darkness

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ISBN: 978-0-8059-9803-0
Streets of Darkness
by Susan (Los) Justice In Streets of Darkness, Susan (Los) Justice tells the captivating story of one womans descent into an existence of physical and mental abuse from men who were once a trusted part of her life. She was a teenage runaway who was involved with heavy drugs and alcohol while trying to escape the very nature of her being. She was always looking for life to get better, but after twenty years of living the same old way, it never did. She spent a lifetime running from the wrong being done to her by others, constantly searching for some kind of freedom, some kind of peace of mind - something that could possibly be right, something or someone real and true to believe in. All the while, her hopes were constantly being smothered as her dreams of having a decent life with her two sons, who suffered the abuse and neglect of an alcoholic, drug-addicted father, were fading more and more into the dust at her feet, perhaps one day to be gone forever. Streets of Darkness is a book of hope, a message to remind others that the human spirit is stronger than we think, and in this, we are able to overcome any mishaps, misfortunes, and obstacles life throws at us. It is a must-read that will give you an insight into the real world of strong addictions. (2006, paperback, 430 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.