Strength - Within

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Strength - Within
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Strength Within
by Yvonne Sasso

Strength Within is based on a true story. The people in the family are real. The names of the hospitals and healthcare personnel have been changed.

The story takes place in Fresno, California, in 1997, when Mo Sasso falls from a ladder, crushing his skull and ending up in a coma. This story tells of the struggle, the hope, the miracle of God, and how a family sticks together through this crisis in their lives.

The dilemma of pulling the plug and the decision not to tugs at the readers heart as they wait in suspense for what lies ahead for Mo. Then to the end results of how Mo grows from a hopeless invalid to a person who can still share the love of his family. He is not the same as he was. But each day he improves.

Strength Within touches on the indifference of hospital care, the constant vigilance of the family to make sure that Mo gets proper attention and a strong determination as each family member takes a devoted part to make sure Mo does get qualified care. This story is filled with tears, joy, and insight into an average American life and the strength within that each and every one of us has.

(2012, paperback, 62 pages)