Stronger Than Gravity

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Stronger Than Gravity

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Stronger Than Gravity
by Clifton Pickard, Jr.

Three friends from birthMiles, Mikel, and Jamardo everything together. Miles, the exceptionally intelligent dreamer, always finds himself at odds with Jamar because he wishes that his friends will just do better. Jamar, the athletically gifted, witty, smooth-talking playboy, just wants his best friend Miles to relax and enjoy life. Then theres Mikel, the confused, insecure, but highly talented artist who constantly finds himself in the middle of his two best friends feuds, while trying to hold it together due to his dysfunctional family life.

Despite their quarrels and bickering, the three have a bond that is not easily broken. The unbreakable union of their friendship, however, will be pushed to its brink as they encounter some of the most harrowing experiences three inner-city teenagers can face. How will they fare? Can their friendship endure, or will the circumstances of life cause everything to simply fade away?

(2010, paperback, 48 pages)