Strubel and the Village of Strawberry - eBook

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Strubel and the Village of Strawberry - eBook

Strubel and the Village of Strawberry

By: Judith A. Skinner


About the Book

A group of mice realized the extreme dangers of living in the forest and foraging for themselves. They were unprotected and exposed to predators, so they chose to find a place to live that would protect them, not only from predators but from the harshness of nature.  

Soon, Strubel and his friends discovered a petrified hollow log with crystals embedded into the top allowing warm sunlight to shine through and established the Village of Strawberry. They learned to care for each other and their village prospered.

Then after a while, for no reason anyone was aware of, the village started to fail and rules were being ignored. Their main food source, the wild strawberry gardens, was dying from lack of care.  

Strubel knew he needed to show the villagers that the things one loves the most, but fails to take care of, would soon be lost. Secretly, Strubel took charge and deliberately made things worse. It was a hard lesson to teach and to learn but learn they did and the experience and trials they had would never be forgotten.


About the Author

Judith A. Skinner lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. She was in real estate for twenty years. It was in this field that she was exposed to numerous life stories. People came to her, often anxious to buy their first home, were sometimes met with failure because they had not made the effort to plan for the future. This is where the idea for a children’s book was born. It is a life lesson which should be taught early in life.

Judith is active in her church and sings in the choir. Oil painting, playing the piano and enjoying her family keeps her busy, but writing is her most important and exciting challenge as many life adventures are waiting to be told.


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