Sun Rise Sun Set: Promise Land

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Sun Rise Sun Set: Promise Land
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Sun Rise Sun Set: Promise Land
by JK Griffin

Sean Kelly returns as a powerful display of entrepreneurism with the family reaching the pinnacle in both business and romance. Sean continues with new challenging business opportunities as he and his wife, Glani, together take on the role of parenting. The family must make decisions or turmoil and self-destruct from within their own reasoning.

With his daughter Starrz coming of age, romance, drama, and suspense give way to the many gripping series of events along the way. She is introduced to the ways of the world, finding value in her parents teaching with intercontinental travel and adventures.

A partnership with Sue Jung Nguyen rivets with dark secrets beginning to surface about the Nguyen Company who endorsed Seans fortune. The melody drama is kinky, captivating and fast-paced!

Promise Land is the sequel to New Dawn in the Sun Rise Sun Set series.

About the Author:

Author JK Griffins first book Sun Rise Sun Set: New Dawn is his castoff into fiction. The upstate New Yorker now resides in the greater Atlanta, Georgia region. Being enlisted in the United States Navy brought about world travel.

Griffin hopes you enjoy his first published book and asks that you stay tuned as the Sun Rise Sun Set saga unfolds.

(2017, Paperback, 368 pages)