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by Stewart Zobian

Stewart Zobian always had a passion for writing. During high school, language arts was the class he could most relate to for inspiration.

Playing with words is how Zobian uses his vocabulary. By thinking of a replacement word for that sentence, you are adjusting or correcting the flow of that sentence. So many words can be used in one sentence.

A word like touring can be made into one or two words.

In Zobians poetry, rhymes are good for the brain.

The internet is a tool for your memory, but it is not the only tool. For many years, people were writing to one another by mailing letters. Zobian wrote letters before he started using the internet.

Three years ago Zobian took up calligraphy while in Paris. The history of calligraphy starts with Julius Caesar. It is a very old script. There is something about handwritingmaybe it is poetic, maybe it is romantic. Zobian will never know!

(2016, Paperback, 32 pages)