Supreme Servitude

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ISBN: 978-0-8059-8752-2
Supreme Servitude
by B. A. Rainey Supreme Servitude is an inspirational romance about Mrs. Constance Livingston Bennett, an upper-class Englishwoman who has secrets. Her story begins near the end of her life in the 1990s with her recriminations and guilt over an action she took more than sixty years before. Her secrecy and apparent emotional problems that stem from her past are not lost on her family and friends. After her death, her children seek to discover what her guilty secret was. The novel then flashes back to Constances childhood and youth. The reader learns of her shameful deed and how she came to commit it. Set against the backdrop of changing mores concerning women, marriage, and sex, Supreme Servitude is an exciting but shattering tale of duty, obedience, and submission that ultimately leads to heartbreak, anger, and bitterness for Constance. She eventually comes to terms with her past, however, and learns lessons about obedience to authority, forgiveness, and what makes people do things that go against convention. ABOUT THE AUTHOR B. A. Rainey always wanted to be a writer. From her earliest memories, she was always making up stories that excited both her and her friends. Raised in a military family, she spent most of her first twenty years on army bases, including Europe and the Panama Canal Zone. After working in factories and doing clerical work, B. A. graduated from the University of Missouri at Columbia with a bachelor of arts degree in religious studies. B. A. now lives in a small town in mid-Missouri. She likes to surf the internet, listen to oldies rock-n-roll, and watch the History Channel and the National Geographic Channel on cable television. She likes beagles, and she once owned a tricolor male beagle she named Barney. (2007, paperback, 664 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.