Survival 2033

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Survival 2033

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Survival 2033
Laura Lacey Satterly

Survival 2033 will take you on a futuristic adventure to the time where an advanced planet Earth is governed by corruption, casts systems, and deteriorating resources. Mankind further adds to the mix when his greed births a world that is in a flux of horrifying mutation.

Dr. Jennifer Kimberly Salerno is a psychologist/reprogrammer who works for the United Government Council (UGC), the council that presently governs the world. The year is 2033, where technology and corruption are constant bedfellows.

Jennifers destiny of redefining the planet and bringing it into a harmonious, unified, and compassionate state has been predestined by unseen powers. Jennifer will not be alone on the path that is challenged by monstrous entities, hostile elements, madmen, and human sacrifices. Her companion is Freya, a very large dog with telepathic abilities. Added to the mix is Andreu, a mutated human much like Jennifer but with the added ability of shape shifting. These three combine their mutative abilities to survive the coming events. The journey is shrouded in secrecy, but who can be trusted?

Abot the Author

Laura Lacey Satterly, born and raised in Hialeah, Florida, now lives in central Florida. She is mother to her children, Jennifer and Bobby. She is also a retired chef who has changed directions and is now working in the medical field as a registered nurse. She is also the author of The Journey Called Life. When asked why she wrote this book, Laura said, I enjoy life and its mysteries and magic, so why not put my magic down on paper?

(2010, paperback, 376 pages)