Swim Into Summer

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Swim Into Summer

Swim Into Summer

By: Nancy Przybylowicz


About the Book

What does life look like for a young girl in school and on her way to summer vacation? In Swim Into Summer, Samanda’s summer vacation is turning out to be not so relaxing as she attempts to juggle stress with her boyfriend, mother, and figuring out who she is along the way.


About the Author

Nancy Przybylowicz struggled to read as a young girl. She loved looking at the pictures within her books given to her by her mother and never gave up on reading, even though it was frustrating. Eventually, she overcome her struggles and began reading any and everything that interested her. Her love of reading transformed into a love of writing and she’s delighted to share with you her latest work. She has also written previous books under her maiden name as Nancy Stabile: Application for Manhood and The Forgotten Five.


(2021, Paperback, 116 Pages)


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