Swine in the Smokies

Swine in the Smokies
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Swine in the Smokies
by James Alan Hofer
Illustrated by Lucy Teague Mullinax

You’re invited along for the road trip of a lifetime with Bedley Swine. Always up for an adventure, this Yankee discovers the existence of an old mission site deep in the East Tennessee foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains, which served as the setting of a best-selling novel. In the fashion of Brigadoon, he falls in love with Southern Appalachia at first sight, and it keeps calling him back. With ensuing visits, he finds humor, inspiration, adventure, danger, and even romance.

About the Author

James Alan Hofer is a freelance writer originally from Akron, Ohio. Mr. Hofer began his professional writing career in news and sports. For more than twelve years, he served as a correspondent (including a term as a regional editor) for Soccer America. Mr. Hofer loves traveling the back roads of Ohio’s Amish Country and has been a frequent visitor to Southern Appalachia and the Great Smoky Mountains since 1999.

About the Illustrator

Lucy Teague Mullinax is an accomplished and self-described “architectural heritage” artist residing in Asheville, North Carolina. Her work expresses her passion for the mountains and rivers of Southern Appalachia and reflects her proud Scots-Irish ancestry. Prints are available at www.moonshinersdaughter.net and www.lucymullinax.com.

(2011, paperback, 202 pages)


Swine in the Smokies (PDF ebook)
Swine in the Smokies (PDF ebook)

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Swine in the Smokies [Kindle Edition]
Swine in the Smokies [ePub]
Swine in the Smokies [ePub]

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