Sydney & Me

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Sydney & Me
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Sydney & Me
by Jodi E. Uhron

Taylor has a special sister her familys dog, Sydney! Taylor shares her experiences of having fun with Sydney and helping her parents take care of Sydney. This book also includes some dog and child safety tips to prepare a family for a dog and childs sibling-like relationship to help make it a happy one.

About the Author:

Author Jodi E. Uhron (formerly Jodi E. Warren) was born in 1979 in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. She graduated from Westmont Hilltop High School in 1998 and Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 2002 with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism.

Jodi and her husband Matthew were married in 2003. They have a daughter and a Shih Tzu dog, who are the inspirations for Sydney & Me. Jodi writes about their growing relationship as she has watched them bond from her daughters arrival home after her birth through the present day. Jodi and her husband had also attended a class prior to their daughters birth to prepare their furry, four-legged child for the arrival of a new baby and life with a human child.

Jodi and her family currently reside in suburban Pittsburgh. As a full-time mother, her daughter and dog are her passion!

(2014, Paperback, 36 pages)