Systematic: How To Get Out Of The System Mindset

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Systematic: How To Get Out Of The System Mindset

Systematic: How To Get Out Of The System Mindset

By: Antonio D. Sherrell


About the Book

Antonio Sherrell grew up in Detroit, a city with an infamous reputation for crime and violence. Even in this, he was fortunate enough to enjoy a good upbringing. One of his goals is to help youths maximize their potential by reducing the juvenile recidivism rate through education and mentorship. And also to carry on the Sherrell legacy and make his father proud as he would have wanted. Currently, he lives in Atlanta with his beautiful wife and son. He works in the social service field as an advocate and his wife is an attorney. They are both working toward success in their careers.


About the Author

This book aims to break the shackles of our overdependence on systems or institutions -like work, religion, school, and criminal justice system, and expose how they confine or limit us from maximizing our God-given potentials. This book also gives direction on how to change that mindset. The inspiration to write this book was borne out of my personal experiences in life. I categorize the journey of my life into two parts: systemic validation and post-systemic validation.


(2021, Paperback, 96 Pages)


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