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by Muna Yousef

Tainted is a romantic thriller that contains a psychological twist. Ann Skylander, a naive, self-conscious young woman, moves to Orange County, California in hopes of forgetting her tragic past and abusive childhood. When she is seduced by Ben Thompson, a handsome young man who attends her university, Ann believes luck has finally struck her at eighteen. Because of her loveless childhood, Ann is completely blind to Bens anomalous behavior and excuses it for passion. She slowly grows more detached from the rest of the world, while Ben takes her on an emotional and erratic rollercoaster ride.

About the Author

Muna Yousef is a twenty-six-year-old mother of two. Although she is a stay-at-home mom, her real passion belongs to the written word. Muna loves to write about sweet romances and thrilling adventures, and she also enjoys writing poetry. She loves reading books from a variety of genres, as well.

Muna spends most of her time playing with her children and baking yummy treats. Her hobbies include swimming, running, cooking, and watching movies.

(2010, paperback, 144 pages)