Taking Care of Lucille Through Seven Years of Alzheimer's

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Taking Care of Lucille Through Seven Years of Alzheimer's

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Taking Care of Lucille Through Seven Years of Alzheimer's
by Cornelius Deasy

Over five million Americans currently suffer from Alzheimers, an ailment that puts a serious emotional burden on their family and friends. They will find themselves perplexed by the nature of this ailment, just as the author of this book was, facing the perpetual question What do I do now?

Starting from the baffling beginning, as his wife begins to show unusual behavior, he deals with the important questions one by one: What is Alzheimers? Where do you find help with the problems? Where do you find caregivers to relieve you? And in the end, what if you cant take care of the patient at home anymore? This book covers loving care from the beginning to the end through seven years of Alzheimers.

About the Author

Cornelius Deasy is a long-retired Fellow of the American Institute of Architects. During his years of architectural practice in Los Angeles, California, he was honored by his colleagues with design awards for his building projects and by the National Endowment of the Arts for his work showing the effects of design on human behavior. Two previous books, Design for Human Affairs and Designing Places for People, deal with this work.

After retirement to San Luis Obispo, California, he continued his writing. His last book, Gifts from America, deals with this countrys record as a generous world citizen.

(2010, paperback, 56 pages)