Tales from Suffolk County

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Tales from Suffolk County

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Tales from Suffolk County
by B.R. Laine

There are four parts to this book.

The first part involves the death of an older English businessman. Whether his death is the result of natural causes or foul play is determined through a series of letters.

The second part consists of seven short stories about a fictional English character. The stories involve the characters personal and professional life and associates as he progresses from a teacher to a constable to a private detective.

The third part consists of three longer stories, one of which occurs in Paris and the other two in the United States. The two in America involve a murder trial and an unrelated murder investigation.

The fourth part involves a dream that takes place about a decade after the other parts. It is a very short story with a single clue to determine whether the dream was about actual or imagined events.

About the Author

The author was born and resides in northeast Ohio. The author acquired a bachelors degree from Rutgers University and a law degree from Cleveland State University. He practiced law from 1973 through 2008.

Though a retired attorney, the author never practiced law in Putnam County, Ohio. And though he traveled in England, the author never went to Suffolk County. Accordingly, all the characters in the book are wholly fictional and any similarity to a real person or an actual even is unintended.

(2009, paperback, 176 pages)