Tales of the Forest

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Tales of the Forest

Tales of the Forest

By: Alex LeBlanc

About the Book

Alexander L. T. LeBlanc has spent much of his youth in the forests of Pennsylvania; it is there that he learned the value in observing and listening. In his works he draws inspiration and ideas from all around him to craft stories to entertain the reader with dreams and inspire a thought in one’s mind. Tales of the Forest aims to offer ideas and conceptive thoughts to the minds of the reader, while inviting them to a world for them to explore and imagine. Stories range from a caterpillar who finds the courage to face the future, a Scorpion who abandons his hate for a new start in life, to a Beggar who finds something more valuable than gold or gems.

Within these pages you can find an inviting new world that welcomes any traveler or seeker of the fantastic. A familiar setting with a touch of magic is granted as you wander through this forest and experience the life that dwells within the wood. Thank you for your curiosity. Now allow us repay you with some tales from the forest.


About the Author

Alexander L. T. LeBlanc is a graduate of college who left his Pennsylvanian home with nothing but a tank of gas, a laptop, and a head full of dreams that’s been wired awake with energy drinks. He moved to Florida where he not only touched down in unknown territory for him, but also finally had the time and resources to do what he dreamed of throughout his school year; create stories. And after delivering a promise to a young child in Utah he was able to hit the stride to create his first book Tales of the Forest. Having a fascination for the vintage and aesthetics of the old, LeBlanc found inspirational help for his first book from a Greek storyteller and his fables.


(2019, Paperback, 256 pages)

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