Tales of the Old Crippled Hunter [Hardcover]

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Tales of the Old Crippled Hunter [Hardcover]
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Tales of the Old Crippled Hunter
by Gary W. Erwin

What would you do if you were the leader of a village and raiders killed everyone that they found while you and your hunters were away on a hunt? Find out what Asa did when it was his village.

Sandole is only six, but excited because his father has just given him his first spear and allowed him his first hunt. How does he do? Find out in Sandole.

Verayl is about an eccentric boy and how he proves his worth to his fellow villagers.

In Calmell, three children have to deal with the drunkard that lives with their mother and beats her.

This is a collection of short stories set twenty to thirty thousand years ago somewhere across Eurasia. There are stories of humor to help you laugh, sorrow that may bring tears to your eyes or possibly break your heart, passionate romance to warm your heart and moral teachings to help guide you through the challenges of life.

Most readers will find something within the collection to please them. May you find something here for you.

About the Author

I have been a summer camp counselor as well as spending 20 years in Boy Scouting, first as a small boy and finally as a trainer of adult leaders. I perfected my storytelling during those years. I started by retelling stories as a young boy that my father had told to my sister and me. I guess I inherited his storytelling abilities. My mother helped me develop my love for reading.

I am a 63-year-old native Texan and have listened to stories from all around Texas all my life.

I like hunting, fishing, camping, camp cooking and stories. My children and grandchildren love my stories.I have read that Louis L'Amour used to say that he was a storyteller, not a writer. I guess that pretty well describes me as well.

(2012, hardcover, 138 pages)