Tales of Innocence and Darkness

Tales of Innocence and Darkness
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Tales of Innocence and Darkness
by Caroline Leech

A book of poems written for a collection of darkly innocent Victorian photographs. A Gothic journey into what may lie behind the expressions of these children and women of long ago.

Let your hand push aside the dusty velvet curtain and allow yourself to tiptoe carefully through the cobwebs and ghostly whispers as they float beside you above the old oak floor and make you smile or feel just a little afraid.

About the Author

Caroline Leech was born in 1969 in Kent, England. For the last ten years she has been living with her husband and daughter in Galicia, a Celtic area of Northern Spain. Her world and the old stone watermill in the middle of a forest in which she lives, are full of the spirits of nature and of the past.

She is a lifetime collector of Victorian photographs, especially of children, and these have been the inspiration for this book. She is also a visionary artist and antique dealer and has a great passion for 19th American and European social history and all things Gothic.

(2012, paperback, 160 pages)


Tales of Innocence and Darkness (PDF ebook)
Tales of Innocence and Darkness (PDF ebook)

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