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ISBN: 978-0-8059-9912-9
by Lisa Hodges Taran Ingals sleeps as the family car hurdles over the mountain cliff near Wolf Creek Pass. Forest ranger Tom Warren hears the explosion and sees a tower of smoke while gazing across the mountainside. By the time he reaches the smoldering car, nothing is left but a skeleton of smoldering metal and the unanswered question in his mind: What happened? Placed in another world far from our own, Taran awakes in a strange place. Her memory is a blur as she begins to piece together where she is. A centaur named Sagjus has traveled far to help the young girl, and their friendship grows as she learns to trust him. Their travels reach the shoreline where Taran meets The Council of Four, who help her understand her purpose in her new world. She has been chosen to stop The Evil One from being born and to fulfil a prophecy. But there is another who must unite with her to strengthen the inner power she possesses. Taran is left to journey alone to seek the other and to reunite together to defeat The Evil One. Tarans adventures take her to the limits of the physical and emotional challenges we all face. She learns about courage, strength, faith, and loyalty. The inner power she has been given is put to the test, the fight against good and evil. Her will is strong, but is it enough to stop The Evil One from being born? We are all put through trials in our life and Taran seems to bring out what we all possess. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Lisa C. Hodges is forty-five years old and lives in Greenville, North Carolina. Born in Anderson, Indiana, she grew up in the country with her grandparents. In 1966 her parents moved the family to Colorado, where she spent more than twenty years. In her younger years, she and her brother spent their summers in Indiana. It was her grandfather who inspired Lisa to write. He would mail poems and stories to her and encouraged her to appreciate the art of writing. Lisa has one brother, who lives in Colorado. He and his wife have three children. Her parents divorced many years ago and have since remarried. Her mother lives in North Carolina while her father is in Colorado. Married seven years to a wonderful man, Lisa shares with him two sons: her stepson Bryan and Aaron, the newest member of their family. She is thankful for her husbands support in her new venture of writing. She enjoys the outdoors, working in the yard, hiking, and walking the beach. Other hobbies she enjoys are needlepoint, puzzles, crafts, creating photo albums and scrapbooks, and reading mysteries. Her main love remains writing. It has been a challenge for her, and the journals she writes help her express herself freely. Lisas experiences as a writer have come from writing poems and short stories while in school. Her teachers, amazed at her talent, encouraged her quite a bit. But she gives credit to the Lord above for the gift He gave her and gives praise to Him for the opportunity to see a dream come true. (2005, paperback, 88 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.