Tarum: The Beginning

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Tarum: The Beginning
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Tarum, The Beginning
by James Kotolo

Tarum: The Beginning tells the story of Robyn, a young Lumino whose soul (originally known as Yola) has reincarnated once more and people are now searching for her. She loses her parents while young, but is protected by her foster uncle and aunt who teach her to use her abilities.

Robyn meets Darren, a young handsome Krell posing as a Lumino and falls for him not knowing that it has happened more than once during her past lives. Her love life gets more complicated when she meets Roman and Hayden who have also been part of her past lives. In an attempt to save her friends lives, she ends up transporting them to the world of Tarum where magic lives and where she was meant to be.

Robyn discovers that the Krell King is out to get her and that he wont stop - even going as far as killing everyone she cared for and separating them from her. Eventually he puts a curse on Tarum. The curse kills all those born without a kind of magic before moving to those with magic.

In a bid to find a way to break the curse, Robyn stumbles upon secrets kept from her by the three men in her life; secrets that might make or break her future, will define her destiny, and force Robyn to make a choice.

About the Author:

James Raila Kotolo was born on March 22, 1996, in Mombasa, Kenya to a family of four. Being the last born in his family, he had a lot to live up to. With passion in art, he chose to pursue different forms of art including writing. Tarum: The Beginning is his favourite and is the first part of the Tarum series.

(2014, Paperback, 124 pages)