Tea With a Vampire

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Tea With a Vampire
by John Swift This book is about a boy named Benjamin who questions the reality of vampires. His parents encourage him to write a letter to the City of Goo to get his questions answered. To his surprise, and to his parents as well, a vampire shows up at the door to answer Benjamins questions over a cup of tea. This story with a touch of humor will take you on a journey of friendship and mystery. ABOUT THE AUTHOR I am a special education teacher who has been in the field for seven years. I have taught throughout the southwestern part of the United States. I am currently living in Grants, New Mexico. I am married and have a son named Benjamin. I have taught a wide range of children with special needs from kindergarten through sixth grade. Most of my career was spent on the Navajo Reservation, part in Arizona and part in New Mexico. Currently I am teaching in the public schools with a mixed population of Native Americans and Hispanics. My passion is teaching children with special needs in grades kindergarten through third grade. Children of this age have a curiosity of the world in which they live. This book was inspired by their questions in attempting to separate fact from fiction. (2007, paperback, 36 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.