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by Joyce A. St. Clair

One night Jasmin and Jake go to sleep in their beds and wake up on a deserted island without any idea of how they got there. Frightened and alone, the children must depend on one another to find their way home.

In their pursuit to get off the island, the children face some scary hurdles that must be overcome. The children work together and develop a plan to get off the island. In their plan, they utilize previous experiences in their lives and, most importantly, they work together.

The children learn a valuable lesson on how important teamwork is in accomplishing a goal. Working as a team teaches children how to trust, to take risks and develop leadership qualities.

About the Author

Joyce A. St. Clair lives in Santee, California. She is a retired civil service employee who worked in human resources in the field of Employee Relations. In this role, she provided advice and guidance to supervisors and managers on matters such as performance management, adverse actions, and grievances. She also developed training classes and trained supervisors and managers in various subjects in her field.

After Joyce retired, she spent a considerable amount of her time with her two grandchildren. In order to entertain her grandchildren, Joyce started writing stories about them. She decided that writing stories about them would be a good technique to use to educate them in matters that would benefit them as they grew older.

(2013, paperback, 30 pages)