Teddy Bear the Jedi

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Teddy Bear the Jedi
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Teddy Bear the Jedi
by Jozsef Schwager

Jozsef Schwager created the character of Teddy Bear the Jedi when he was having really bad nightmares. He needed a hero to save him. Before his father passed away, they saw Return of the Jedi in the movie theatre. Jozsef began to think of himself as a Jedi. He decided to put the two ideas together and made his teddy bear a Jedi. Jozsef thinks there are not enough good guys and girls in this world and we need more. Maybe we need a few more Jedis.

About the Author: Jozsef Schwager was born in Los Angeles, California. He loves going to the mall and walking around and seeing all the nice people. He enjoys going to the beach and boogie boarding and also enjoys going camping. He is an inventor and artist. He is a born-again Christian and regularly attends Saddleback Church.

(2015, Hardcover, 28 pages)