Tell Me an Uncle Larry Story

Tell Me an Uncle Larry Story
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Tell Me an Uncle Larry Story
by Barbara Wade

Barbara’s brother Larry was a wonderful funny screw up. Everything he touched he could find a way to mess it up. They laughed at him when he put frogs down his sister’s back and taught them to swim by sinking the boat in which they all liked to play. His fishing stories could only be known as what-not-to-do tales. His antics kept a family together, laughing throughout his life. The four kids became adults and had families of their own. When they all would gather, one of the nieces or nephews would ask, “Please tell us an Uncle Larry story.” So join with us now as Barbara tells us some Uncle Larry stories.

About the Author

Barbara Wade was born in a poor, cotton mill town in Monticello, Arkansas. She was the third of four children. The children, with little help from their mother, raised themselves after their daddy left them.

Barbara has been married for 53 years. She has children and grandchildren of her own. She lives in Jacksboro, Texas. Barbara is a member of First Baptist Church where she teaches Sunday school and sings in the choir. She is a member of the Red Hat Club. Barbara is retired now, but in her 68 years she has worked a number of different jobs. Her favorite was working with children in elementary school. She loves volunteering for jobs like local blood drives, delivering meals on wheels, and telling stories at a retirement center.

(2011, paperback, 74 pages)


Tell Me an Uncle Larry Story (PDF ebook)
Tell Me an Uncle Larry Story (PDF ebook)

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Tell Me an Uncle Larry Story [ePub]
Tell Me an Uncle Larry Story [ePub]

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Tell Me an Uncle Larry Story [Kindle Edition]

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