Temporary Amnesia

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Temporary Amnesia

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Temporary Amnesia
by Nanc J. Mancuso

When Harry Inchbomb Lightman breaks out of prison, it isn't just to escape the death penalty; he is intent on pulling off the boldest bank robbery of all time! On the loose, and with help from other escapeesa doctor, a computer nerd, and a pimpthey devise a plan involving fifty prostitutes! The ladies are dosed with a combination of drugs that causes each to have amnesia temporarily and do anything they are told. Harrys Inchbombs are sewn into each woman's chest, then they are sent out simultaneously to 50 different banks with orders to rob each of six million dollars! When the police get involved, they find out the hard way that the bombs are real as the women blow themselves up when their demands aren't met!

Detectives Walker and Zgabay have orders to go after Lightman and his gang, but are detoured when a lunatic goes around the country killing the gang's friends and relatives in horrifying ways.

Along with suspense and terror, this crime-thriller has a touch of levity and romance. Temporary Amnesia will blow your mind! At times you may even find yourself siding with the bad guys!

About the Author

Nanc has lived all over the United States, but settled down with her family only one hundred miles from where she was raised in Houston, Texas.

Writing had been laid aside since high school when an English teacher saw promise in a rather outlandish, for those times, short story. In her 30s, Nanc rekindled her passion for writing when she created an X-Files screenplay. Stories seemed to flow onto the computer screen after that.

Her other interests include aquatics, ocean fishing, playing cards, and any place that has a roulette wheel.

(2010, paperback, 362 pages)