Thankful that you are - eBook

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Thankful that you are - eBook

Thankful that you are

By: Susan D. Michalski

About the Book

Thankful that you are is a compilation of poems written at different times in the author’s and her son’s lives. Neither of them knew the other was writing poetry, but as they shared their work with each other, they learned that much of their poetry had the same subject matter. This inspired them to create this book. Here are two people, mother and son, looking at the same things with different emotional perceptions.


About the Author

Reading, writing, and music were always a means of communication between Susan D. Michalski and her three children. Her mother was a poet, so Michalski was exposed to a lot of poetry during her lifetime, which then sparked her interest in writing her own poems. What began as a way to express her feelings turned into a whirlwind romance with words. She now feels she passed her love of poetry to her son who truly understands the need to write and, in doing so, has returned the gift to her.


(2018, eBook)