Thanks a Lot, Murphy! -eBook

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Thanks a Lot, Murphy! -eBook

Thanks a Lot, Murphy!

By: Chuck Morris


About the Book

I am. You are. He is. And so is She. We are all Murphies. We should all change our middle name to Murphy because, although we don’t want to admit it, we are our own worst enemies. Murphy is our alter-ego. No one wants to admit that we suffer minor or severe pain due to our own stupidity. It is foresight versus hindsight that always has the inside post-position. But this is natural. As human beings we are not programmed to do everything step-by-step and in the exact right order.

                Both parts of this collection narrate the autobiography of Chuck Morris through his adventures which include a fascinating trip to Hong Kong, stewed chicken heads, anecdotes, and tasty recipes from Louisiana.


About the Author

Born in 1938 and raised in Bradford, Pennsylvania, Chuck Morris eventually moved to New Orleans in 1960 where he worked for 15 years as a professional artist in the French Quarter. Later, he worked for another 15 years in the civil service of Jefferson Parish Recreational Department.

                In 1994, Morris journeyed to northern California to enjoy gold prospecting and rock hounding. He has four sons, 12 grandchildren, and one great-grandchild.

                His other works include The Other Side of My Shadow, My M*A*S*H Trivia: Nine Steps Kick a Stone, and a poetry collection entitled You… and the Beautiful Moments.


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