The 2011 Metric Calendar: Birds of the World

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The 2011 Metric Calendar: Birds of the World

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The 2011 Metric Calendar: Birds of the World
by Kevin Ross

The Keroli Metric Calendar is unlike ANY calendar you've ever seen before! Although not intended to replace existing calendars, it's an entirely new and fully functional alternative approach to calendar design and time representation, which provides a completely fresh and FUN perspective on the passage of time. It applies metric standards of measurement to our familiar 365 day year, and is intended for novelty, entertainment, and educational use. It can also be easily cross referenced to the standard Gregorian calendar using the included conversion table.

Additionally, unlike many calendars, EVERY DAY in the Metric Calendar has something to offer, and each month has its own theme related subtopic! Birds of the World includes many dozens of exotic and little known birds from all around the world, as well as mythical and prehistoric flying creatures, "Bird" in 32 different languages, bird trivia questions and riddles, bird sayings and expressions, bird humor, bird entrees, and bird puzzles and games!

Moon cycles and national holidays are also shown on their actual days of occurrence, as are many NEW metric holidays! Discover your new metric birthday, anniversaries, etc., and even create new bird names, and your own new days of celebration! You'll find lots of unexpected SURPRISES in the calendar as welljust for FUN! Also included is an in-depth description of the Keroli metric time system, with detailed standard time to Keroli metric time equivalencies.

(2010, calendar, 22 pages)