The ABC's of Raising Responsible Children (PB)

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The ABC's of Raising Responsible Children (PB)
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The ABC's of Raising Responsible Children (PB)
by Dan and Patty Jarzabkowksi

This book gives practical and easy-to-read ideas for parenting. It is best to begin these steps with younger children; however, you can make it work at any age! The keys to making this work are consistent communication, followed by modeling. This book attempts to address small problems before they become big ones. The authors give you tips to overcome kids who are resistant to discipline. Read the format, flip to an issue or concern and see what the authors say about the topic.

In their positions as educators (or, in the case of Dan, as a principal), the authors at times would find themselves in parent conferences with adults who were struggling with raising their children. Out of those conferences came many surefire ways to help children and families reach their highest potential. Try them, they work!

About the Authors: Dan and Patty Jarzabkowski have spent 35 years together in marriage and that same amount of time in public education. They have two grown and successful children who are testaments to the information in this book.

Patty is an Early Childhood specialist with training in Reading. She has hosted teachers in training and many volunteers in her room.

Dan was a teacher, coach, principal and adjunct professor in education. Dan taught middle high school, and at a university.

(2015, Paperback, 74 pages)