The Academy

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The Academy
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The Academy
by Tianna Rose Kamvosoulis

In the year 2043 Ash Dune lives in a world where perfection is everything and the government controls every aspect of life. When she is recruited for a school of assassins and taken away from her family and the perfect world she has always lived in she is thrown into a war between the dictatorship of a government and the rebel group Assassin Spy Rebellion Academy. Armed with only her wisdom and her courage, Ash must figure out away to protect the people she cares about most and help restore real justice and peace to the world.

At the academy Ash befriends the top assassins in her school, but will friendship really be enough to keep them alive? If and when this is all over will Ash ever be able to return to a normal life?

About the Author:

Fourteen-year-old author Tianna Rose Kamvosoulis was always a voracious reader. She originally wrote her book just for fun; but with the encouragement and support of her friends and family decided to share her book with others hoping to open up the world of reading to young readers.

(2015, Paperback, 78 pages)