The Addiction

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The Addiction

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The Addiction
by Robert Williams

I consider myself a modest, down-to-earth, good ole boy who was raised in the South, where family sticks together and friends are made and not bought. My values were taught to me at an early age by my parents and other family members. Respect was earned, not given, to you for who you were. I believe the order in which a person should base their life on is: God, family, friends, and money. I treat people the way I want people to treat me; make me angry and the redneck will react. I am proud of where I came from and also the hard work and dedication that has gotten me to the present.

The loss of such things from society is what prompted me to write this book. We have lost a past time, sport, good time, or deer hunting, whichever you choose to call it. It seems that deer hunting became a lifestyle, not a sport. In the book you will follow me from a kid with the love of hunting to becoming dedicated to whitetail deer hunting, only to end with me having to look for rehab. This book will take you, the reader, along with me from the time I moved from Tennessee, my birthplace, to rural Start, Louisiana. Along the way, you will find some humor and sadness in my journey. The sport is losing its roots or foundation from which it came. I hope you enjoy the book and the memories that it brings back to me.

(2010, paperback, 110 pages)