The Adventures of Daisymates

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The Adventures of Daisymates

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The Adventures of Daisymates
by Crystal Glover

The Daisymate characters came along one day as I sat in the park and gazed at the flowers, caterpillars, bugs and all the earthly things around me. I closed my eyes only to imagine what would happen if they all came to life so I brought Daisyland to you, my young readers. With each series of The Adventures of Daisymates, young readers will learn the importance of following directions, recognizing when danger is ahead, and also overcoming obstacles.

The Aventures of Daisymates is very vivid and fun, leaving each reader asking the question, I wonder what will the Daisymates do next?

About the Author

First of all I would like to briefly inform you that I have always been one for color and creativity in everything I have done in life. I was born in Pensacola, Florida. As a child my family moved to the big city of Chicago. I am a long-term resident of Harvey, Illinois. My family consists of fifteen other siblings. WE are better known as the Robinson family from Center Street. Also I am a proud mother of three wonderful sons. I have always loved to make a great difference in ones life. The Adventures of Daisymates is just one of my great expectations that came true. My hobbies are music, art, poetry and mentoring youth.

(2011, paperback, 30 pages)