The Adventures of Frederick - eBook

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The Adventures of Frederick - eBook

The Adventures of Frederick

By: Jerri Hay

About the Book

Little five-year old Frederick cannot wait to go to kindergarten. Pre-K has been so much fun and some of his school friends will

be in his new class. In the screening for kindergarten, he does great. Frederick knows his letters and can count to twenty-five. But, he cannot read all the letters on the eye chart. Oh no, Frederick needs glasses. How will he handle his friends calling him four-eyes? The first day of kindergarten is a surprising day for him. His best friend is to sit right beside him. When Frederick’s friend walked in, he has on a big smile and glasses. Wow, what a great day after all.



About the Author

Jerri Hay is a retired school teacher and former Sunday school teacher. She lives in Rushville, Indiana, and is a Ball State University graduate. For years, Jerri told her children and their friends, grandchildren, and now great-grandchildren Frederick stories. She made up the stories to entertain the children and to encourage positive and thoughtful behavior. She loves for the kids to say, “Tell us a Frederick story, Grandma.” She hopes your children and you will want to hear about Frederick, too.

(2017, eBook)