The Adventures of Rachel and Snickers

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The Adventures of Rachel and Snickers

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The Adventures of Rachel and Snickers
by Rachel Stewart

In the year 2,012 a secret government lab in Washington tries to create a new breed of super rats that are able to go on super secret missions, work with high-tech equipment, and even talk. But when only one of the rats shows the capacity to do everything the scientists want them to, they kill the other rats. Then one day the rat escapes and makes its way to a small pet store.

In the small county of Dickson, Tennessee lives a small and simple family. One day Brenda takes Rachel to the local pet store so she can get a new pet. After a while Rachel eventually picks out a pet rat. Soon after getting her new rat home she names it Snickers.

A week goes by and Rachel soon discovers that Snickers can talk. After that discovery Rachel and Snickers end up going all over the world solving mysteries.

About the Author

My name is Rachel Lorraine Stewart, and I am twenty-one years old. Currently I am living with my dad in Dickson, Tennessee. I did graduate from high school, but I still would like to attend college in the near future. What I think inspires me to write ultimately are the people in my life, including my friends and family. I dont have any other books written, but I am working on a few more stories. So to all of you readers who like this story, watch out in the future for more of my books.

(2010, paperback, 34 pages)