The Adventures of the Reptile Kid

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The Adventures of the Reptile Kid

The Reptile Kid

By: Noel Rawle

About the Book

The adventures of Patti Doherty, AKA “The Reptile Kid,” are teemed with mischief, intrigue, and fool-hardy endeavors. Although his escapades only occurred in three counties in Ireland, his deeds and misdeeds are legendary. His ex-girlfriend often noted that trouble always seem to follow anywhere that reptile dared go. He lived off his wits, reveling in being a walking contradiction to the norm with dating exploits and spiteful quirks, much to his family’s dismay. Yet to some he was seen as a modern day Robin Hood. His cousin, Benefubble, despite his virtuous nature, married The Reptile Kid’s ex-girlfriend and caused a rift between them. However, Benefubble still remained relentless in telling the kid how foolish and convoluted his aspirations were. At times, he even felt like the Sancho Panza to Don Quixote. In the end, it will be the kid’s tortured victim, Mrs. Glynn, who will be his savior.


About the Author

Noel Rawle was born in Ireland, but lived most of his life in Queens, New York, working in the audio and video business. On his many trips back to Ireland, he began to gather folklore and captured the wit and charms of an era where every town had a few of their own comedians. That era is now “Gone with the wind.” He has written a few volumes of poetry and his political retorts are often featured in the “Voice of the People” pages.


(2019, Paperback, 176 Pages)


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