The American Dream?

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The American Dream?

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The American Dream?
by CC Carter

This is a story about a person who face triumphs and trials through out her life. While it seems the tragedies that gets societys attention are the ones that mostly result in death or celebrities. The main character of this story follows all the rules of her family, society, and her faith while trying to accomplish the American Dream, which raises her from humble beginnings.

Throughout the story, she constantly relies on prayers and scriptures when facing the hardest moments in her life. In her attempts in trying to do the right thing she faces betrayal, deception, and lies, which result in her incarceration.

About the Author

I have embarked on various career paths, but I never once thought about writing. I have a B.S. degree, I was married only once, and I have one child. I was born and raised in the Midwest but for the last twenty years, I have lived in the Northeast region. For my remaining years in this life, I havent quite decided where I would like to live. I do know wherever my travels might take me, I pray that I continue to learn the marvels of Gods blessings.

(2011, paperback, 176 pages)