The Art of Wasting Away - eBook

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The Art of Wasting Away - eBook

The Art of Wasting Away

By: Maite Tello

About the Book

A lot of messed up things happen to us

And if you think about it

There are 8 billion different versions of today

This book is just one of them

The raw and honest truth of

What living is

What struggling is

And everything inbetween

All compressed into a short book full of


Long words

The exploitation of the things that eat us alive

And absolutely no rhyming because this isn’t Dr. Seuss


About the Author

Maite Tello was born Santiago, Chile, and moved to Portland, Oregon, when she was seven years old. She is now a senior at a small charter school in Beaverton, Oregon. Next year she will be attending the Honors Program at PSU. She wants to be a pediatric surgeon. She also travels the world, eats kidneys, and chases eels while scuba diving. She’s a sarcastic 18-year-old hipster who really loves doing things that scare her.


(2018, eBook)