The Ballerina Astronaut

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The Ballerina Astronaut

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The Ballerina Astronaut
by A.J. Kovach
Illustration by Amber Igielinski

My husband and I have always used stories throughout the day to encourage our daughter to use her imagination and hopefully enjoy reading as she got older. Our bedtime routine has always included a story of her choice and as soon as she was able to talk, she began to add her own made-up stories as part of the routine. One evening, after a day of singing and dancing as usual, she told me an elaborate story with details of dancing and dreaming about going to visit the moon. My husband heard the story over the baby monitor and insisted it was the sweetest thing he had ever heard. He convinced me to write it down in my ongoing mothers journal, and so I did.

Several weeks passed, and I couldnt help but tell friends and family the wonderful story my daughter created. Several friends and my mother expressed the idea that this should be a childrens book. As a kindergarten teacher, mother, and dancer, the idea seemed very encouraging. I began to put it in story form, and the final product is this wonderful gift from my daughter, The Ballerina Astronaut.

About the Author

I am a teacher by profession, but my passion lies within being a mother and writer. I have a bachelors degree in early childhood education from Kent State University, where I met my ongoing inspiration, my husband, Gregory. My masters degree in family life education and the birth of my daughter, Sylvia, reignited my enjoyment of writing. My daughters imagination and sweet delivery created the basis for this story and hopefully many more to come. I wrote this story in hopes that all dreamers continue to dream.

(2008, saddle stitch, 16 pages)