The Bird Who Fell in Love with a Tree

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The Bird Who Fell in Love with a Tree

The Bird Who Fell in Love with a Tree

By: T. Dwight Thompson

Illustrated By: Tommy Streb


About the Author


T. Dwight Thompson is world-traveled. He lived in Paris during the mid-1960s where he began to write and publish poetry. He found his spiritual vehicle through the demands of poetry and has been writing for the past fifty years. He married a French woman in 1966 and returned to California with his young family where he became involved in San Francisco’s rock and roll scene, writing songs for various bands. Living in Half Moon Bay, Thomas worked as a carpenter and continued to write poetry. He now resides in Santa Rosa.


About the Illustrator


Tommy Streb is the grandson of T. Dwight Thompson and illustrator for The Bird Who Fell In Love With A Tree. He was born in September of 1997. He grew in Santa Rosa, California and has lived there his entire life. He is currently attending Santa Rosa Junior College for his degree in graphic design. He played football for two years in college and was an accomplished athlete in high school as well. He is hoping to pursue a career in art when his schooling is complete.

(2020, hardback, 50 pages)

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