The Black Heart

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The Black Heart
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The Black Heart
by Jamie Reynolds

Mandy is packing and moving with her family from Mexico to California. Her father has finally received legal permission to move to the States and start a business with his brother. Mandy has mixed emotions about a lot of things, including being overwhelmed with thoughts about the possibility of consequences of her pregnancy, which she hasnt divulged to anyone.

Meanwhile in California, Janie is working hard in the corporate world. Her husband is abusive, contrary to Janie having the biggest heart and trying to cope.

Mandy and Janie never meet, but they do have a relationship at different points in time with Alex, the good looking chef. Both of these women come to realize that Alex has a very angry temperament, and he could be the demise for one, if not both of them.

The Black Heart gently provides an understanding of what anger means when spelled with a D, for danger. Author, Jamie Reynolds wants women (and men) to benefit through sharing her perspective and awareness of what one could risk - self and loved ones - when embracing a relationship with a person who isnt capable of caring about others, but only wants to satisfy his/her own interests. It contains interesting characters that the reader can relate to, or be drawn to, because of the personal life challenges and obstacles that the characters overcome through sheer necessity. The paragraphs of story are interspersed with touching and sometimes sharp dialog and provide a vivid feel for the environment that the characters are immersed in.

About the Author:

Author, Jamie Reynolds resides in Southern California and is writing a sequel to The Black Heart.

(2017, Hardcover, 498 pages)