The Black Tongue of My Heart: The Book of My Soul

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The Black Tongue of My Heart: The Book of My Soul
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The Black Tongue of My Heart (The Book of My Soul)
by Derek Johnson

Hello, readers. My name is Derek Johnson. I was born September 14, 1984. Believe it or not, I am 27 years old and I cannot seem to recall the hospital I was born in. I grew up in the city of Philadelphia. I lived in Philly for 19 years. My family and I were constantly moving so we were not in one part of the city for more than two years at a time.

My mom (EllaMae Johnson) inspired me to write at a young age. She started me when I was six. When I became angry, she would usually spank me. It eventually stopped working. My mom bought me a composition book and told me to write out my feelings and emotions instead of acting on them. My mom is a full inspiration to nine children and two others that we know as our brother and sister. A wonderful family she created. The miracles she left behind. All of our love is there for her.

I never really knew my father (George Patterson). He passed away when I was four years old. My sisters and brothers told me some things about him. He was a working man so we barely seen him. I respected him a lot. Some memories that I have of him are always good. I do miss my father. Those few moments that I had with him, has lasted me a lifetime.

(2012, paperback, 30 pages)