The Blue Jeans Poet

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The Blue Jeans Poet

by Robert Sellers The Blue Jeans Poet is the third collection of poems by Robert Sellers to be published. It reflects a later and much more polished presentation of his rendition of his natural emotions and deep feelings, primarily in regards to love. Some of the poems reflect the intense passion associated with romantic love; others illustrate the despair and loneliness that love can create. Some show the beauty and purity of true love. But all of them utilize the power of words selected and arranged to capture feelings form the heart. For those who enjoy seeing into the heart of your fellow man, expressed and reflected in an economy of words selected and arranged to stir your own deep feelings of love, The Blue Jeans Poet can be a real treasure. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Robert Sellers is a retired expert in Production Engineering and Control who is mostly self-educated. Early in his career, he learned that his ability to express himself in writing made up for a lack of formal education. He has always enjoyed excellent health and still has no disabilities. His writing ability is almost exclusively generated from his imagination and emotions, which led him to attempt poetry, rather than prose, for expressing his feelings and personal beliefs. As he explored poetic expressions and experienced initial satisfaction from the results, he continued to develop understanding of words and their use to reflect feelings, especially of love. His favorite verses are inspired by romantic attraction and everlasting love that transcends time. Some of his poems will challenge his readers understanding in contrast to others that are simple messages of a personal nature to friends. (2006, paperback, 68 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.