The Blue Mist Chronicles: Rage of Saturn

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The Blue Mist Chronicles: Rage of Saturn

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The Blue Mist Chronicles: Rage of Saturn
by Ann Wright and Christine Bray

The Blue Mist Chronicles is unadulterated sci-fi and fantasy. With his discovery of the brilliant sparkling Blue Mist, which has risen upward from beneath the surface of Saturn and overtaken its rings, Dr. Hector J. Smitt never thought of its ultimate objective as revenge.

As it gradually drifts on a course toward Earth, Erin Donovan, assigned as World Historian, documents its journey, becoming terrified as it progresses nearer. Rodney Eckert brings comfort to her, but as the Blue Mist gradually permeates the Earths atmosphere, even he is horrified of its unknown outcome as catastrophic events begin to occur.

About the Author

Inheriting her writing abilities from her father, Ann T. Wright is the sixth child of thirteen born to the Fannings. With a futuristic and fantasy imagination, she began writing short stories. Christine Bray, while serving in the military during Desert Storm, had visions of a Blue Mist entering our atmosphere and engulfing Earth, changing life forever as we know it. After expressing her awesome, vivid, and creative ideas to Ann, her mother, they teamed up and the inspiration for this novel was created.

(2011, paperback, 144 pages)