The Blue Science of Heart or Our Time Together

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The Blue Science of Heart or Our Time Together
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The Blue Science of Heart or Our Time Together
by Radu Andrei

Here and now, during my happy moments of inspiration, deeply inside me, Im still listening to the voice of my Muse, whispering these poems Im realizing that these friendship and love poems, have been already written, deeper and deeper into my heart, and their sounds, are radiating now, like a fire at the foot of a mountain, toward my entire life and universe. These poems, are dedicated to all men and women in love, and to the blue flowers and herbs of this spring, which have achieved the great miracle of bringing back to life, the soul of my long forgotten and neglected childhood and adolescence.

About the Author

Radu Andrei is the author of the poem A Breath on The Window or Brainstorming Pictures, recently issued by RoseDog Books and dedicated to the memory of the young heroes of the Romanian Revolution. With this new poetry book The Blue Science of Heart, the author explores the story of two human beings, who recognizing each other after innumerable previous lives, neglecting any social or physical laws, succeeded to cross together, the border between their parallel worlds, through the gateless gate of friendship and love, just striving to become One.

(2014, Paperback, 52 pages)