The Book of Selves

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The Book of Selves
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The Book of Selves
by Idris ElSenussi

The devil shed his light on a new light, and the sage asked him, How come if you are the father of lies will I ever trust you that this is not a lie?

The devil answered, Even the water was a truth before ice became its lie.

This is the first episode of The Book of Selves, where the two worlds of dream and reality collide. One with the hope for death, the other with the hope for life. Yet the first desires immortality and the latter desires its initiator. Welcome to the blood of the wheel. Welcome the redwork.

About the Author:

An Egyptian writer and artist who would like not to identify himself by any of those of works but rather laugh at them and the joy they bring.

(2017, Paperback, 230 pages)